Decreasing Your Website’s Page Load Times – What You Need to Know

SEO and visitor satisfaction are the two main reasons for ensuring that your site loading time is where it needs to be.

If the sound of improving your browser load time is intimidating, then just do not let it because there is no rocket science involved. What we are generally talking about is very good user satisfaction, and people are so impatient on the net, anyway. There is a short list of things you can do to address this, but today in this article we will talk about three of them.

If you look into your website’s HTML, you’ll be surprised how much of it is redundant or inaccurate, something that most definitely interferes with your website’s overall loading speed. Usually the effect on the load time is not horrendous, but we have seen instances in which it was. This is worth looking in to because any amount you can improve will help. Doing a W3C check plus a clean HTML code check is the thing to do, and then simply correct any errors that come up. This is something you can do in five seconds, and once again we will say that anything to help is worth doing. Do you know all the file types and formats used for the various graphics and photos on your site? If you do not, then that could be a big clue right there. If you do your own research, you will discover that much, if not all, is based on the particulars of the image. Just remember that less colors take the GIF format, and those that are rich in different colors will look best with the JPEG file type. So depending on what kind of image you’re going for, you should optimize it accordingly for your site.

If you do not make your own sites, then it is still a very good idea to possess some kind of knowledge about it. There may come a time when it is necessary to make a change that is not terribly involved, and you can simply go in and do it your self. Having the ability or willingness to go in there and fix things or make changes will come in very handy along the way. You realize that a site that is slow to load will only cause you problems with user experience. Since this is important but really pretty easy to fix, generally speaking, then that will be one less thing for you to worry about. Everything you do needs to be with your customer or prospects in mind, and that approach will serve you well. Rest assured, you can find out a whole lot more about what you can do for load times and other usability factors.

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