Boosting Your Website’s Page Rank – All You Need to Know

Google is nearly the most powerful search engine in the whole world and why not? With more than 80% of web traffic generated from Google, it’s hard to imagine a life without it. Website owners and Bloggers, however, have a more involved relationship than average web users do with Google because it ranks their websites. There are a lot of things that matter in terms of getting your site ranked within Google and one of those things is page rank. Raising the page rank of your website doesn’t just help you be seen favorably by Google, it helps you have a more consistent ranking overall too.

Focus on Content: Perhaps the biggest factor that deserves your attention if you want to raise your page ranking is the quality of your website content. That’s right; you should not only aim for quantity when it comes to the content but also the quality. Your content should be original, helpful and something that your target audience will find useful. Google places a high premium on original and valuable content and that sort of relevancy shouldn’t be overlooked if you want Google to notice you. So put some honest effort into making your content as good as it can possibly be because without good content, achieving a high page rank is going to be really hard. Keep Your Website Design Clean: Lots of web designers focus on complicating their websites with things like Flash and lots of graphics which slows down the utilities of the site and makes the design look bloated. The image you present to your visitors as well as the search engines needs to be clean so taking steps to ensure that your site is simple is important because it will improve your chances of raising your page ranking.

Outsource Your Way to Success: If you don’t want to do the page rank building work yourself, you can always outsource it to professionals who will do it for you at a price. Low cost sources of great workers for these tasks include sites like and

Since you’ll be saving lots of time it makes sense to make sure you invest your money into hiring a person who can actually do the job. However, take the time to look at least a few applicants before you actually settle on one to hire.

As you move forward you’ll discover that there is more than just basic stuff involved in boosting your site’s page ranking. Each step that you take that helps Google notice you will raise your chances of getting a higher page rank. So what is holding you back? Go ahead and jump into the fray and work up a higher page ranking for yourself.

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